Research reveals why intelligent individuals can’t find happiness

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No doubt, in the world, knowledge gives you a leg up. But it’s not what it’s made out to be sometimes. Being better educated, wealthier, or more accomplished, according to studies, doesn’t do anything to predict whether an individual is happy. It may potentially mean that someone is less likely to be satisfied with life. Science has found that intelligent people are very dissatisfied with their lives, and being around people does not make them feel happy.

Here is why intelligent individuals can’t find happiness.

They overthink:

Before you take some action, it is nice to consider, but for intelligent individuals, this characteristic becomes a source of their unhappiness. They keep contemplating even the tiniest things that happen in their lives, which often exhausts them. Too much thought leads them to assumptions that frustrate them, but it leaves them dissatisfied.

They uphold genuinely high standards:

For highly intelligent individuals, they are not pleased with something that falls below their standards. Gaining the goals that they have in mind also takes them away from being fulfilled. For most of the things in their lives, it is either their job or their personal life. They also have idealistic views of the world that do not help them comfortably live realistic lives.

They are very hard on themselves:

Highly intelligent individuals are also very hard on themselves. Their deep thinking also forces them to continue to compare themselves to high living standards. They blame themselves for all that goes wrong; it disturbs their minds and leaves them miserable.

They’ve got bigger objectives:

When people are highly intelligent, they establish broader and somewhat unrealistic objectives. They also face setbacks in an attempt to achieve their goals. They are not satisfied with smaller accomplishments and always think of larger goals. They hardly remain content in life because they do not acknowledge the outcome.

They can’t have a meaningful discussion:

It is the common problem faced by most intelligent individuals; they hardly find anyone who can understand them. We do not have a meaningful conversation with someone who can consider their beliefs, perspectives on everything about personal and professional life, and other complicated circumstances. They tend to remain isolated and discuss problems on their own when they don’t find people with whom to have a meaningful conversation.

They experience psychological disorders:

Researchers have found that there is a clear correlation between highly intelligent minds and psychological disorders, such as bipolar disorders and social anxiety. It has not been proven, but these are known by brilliant minds to be side effects. It has not been proven that intelligent individuals suffer from mental disorders, but because of over-thinking, they are vulnerable to depression.

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