20 things that most people find too late in life

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Life is a journey of cliffs and valleys, twists and turns, climbing mountains, and discovering oceans.
Better days, poor times. Fun times and sad times. Life is, however, still a movement forward.
No matter where you are on the road, you carry on in some way and that’s what makes it so beautiful. One day, you wonder what will ever make you feel content and fulfilled on earth. And the next one, you are in full swing, writing the most critical book of your whole career.
What nobody ever tells you, though, are all the little things that come with “growing up” when you’re a wide-eyed kid.

20 things that most people find too late in life are the following.

1. The majority of persons are scared of using their imagination.

With their inner boy, they have disconnected.
They don’t know like they’re “creative.”
They like “about the way they are,” stuff.

2. Your dream doesn’t matter to anyone else.

In your quest, any people may be involved. Others might help you. Yet no one cares at the end of the day, or will ever care about your dream as much as you do.

As you get older, they seem to believe that you can do less and less, because you have had time to soak up more experience, when you should be able to do more and more. It is a daily habit to be excellent at anything. The way, you are not just “born.”

4. Friends are relative to where you are in your life.

Many friends remain for some time only, usually in relation to your current interest. But the rest of your friends still do so when you move on, or your goals change.

You can never leave yourself exposed to moments of spontaneous discovery if all you do is follow the very same routine each day. Do you remember how spontaneous, as a child, you were? Anything could, at any moment, happen!

That’s real.
The “masses” are not those who live the lives that they have dreamed of living. And the explanation is that they were not fighting hard enough. They haven’t made it happen on their own. And the older you get, the easier it becomes to assume that you will end up the same, the more you look around.
Don’t fall because of the pit.

When did you play in the rain for the last time?
The last time you were sitting on a pavement, you looked closely at the holes, the rocks, the gravel, the one weed that formed between the asphalt and the surrounding grass.
Again do that.
You’ll feel so connected to life’s playfulness.

Ask anyone you know about the last good book they’ve read, and I bet most of them will say, “Wow, I haven’t read a book in a long time.”

It’s funny how much we praise and appreciate innovation as a culture, and yet seem to do as much as we can to discourage and restrict artistic speech unless it is beneficial in some way.
You have to practice it on your own if you want to keep your creative muscles pumped and active.

For me, there is nothing more ridiculous than watching two people speak “at” each other, not one listening, but waiting to finish talking to the other person so that they can start up again.

We are told as children to “reach for success.”
What exactly does that mean? Success for one could mean the opposite for someone else.
Define your own success.

A sad and complicated truth to face as you get older: You can’t change your parents.
They are who they are.
Whether they approve of what you do or not, at some point, no longer matters. Love your parents for bringing you into this world, and leave the rest at the door.

It feels like you have to impress the whole world when you are younger.
Don’t you.
Do what makes you happy, and build for yourself the life that you want to live. If you can do that, you’ll see someone you love looking back at you every morning.

Those who understand themselves and optimize their capacities are the ones who go where they want to go.
By implication, those who do not know themselves, and resist the hard work of looking inward, live life. They lack the desire to build their future for themselves.

Out of pure love, no amount of money or success or external recognition can ever take the place of what you do.
Follow your heart, and it’ll follow the rest.

16. You are a reflection of the 5 individuals with whom you spend the most time.

Nobody, alone, makes themselves.
We are all mirror images, sculpted into other people’s reflections that we see. It isn’t a game that you enjoy on your own. Act to be surrounded by people you aspire to be like, and in time, the very qualities you value in them will be held by you too.

17. Everybody who doubts you is still going to come back.

The kid who used to harass you is going to come and ask for a job.
The girl who didn’t want to date you, once she sees where you’re going, will call you back. That way, it always happens.
Only focus on yourself, remain faithful to what you believe in, and hopefully, all the doubters will come and ask for support.

Be cautious.
Again, when you grow older, there is no “right” and “wrong.” A coping strategy for one could be a way to relax for another on a Sunday. Just keep mindful of your behaviors and how you spend your time, and what habits are starting to increase in frequency, and then ask where they come from and why you feel compelled to repeat them.
Never bugs, always lessons.
Know yourself, as I said.

19. Beliefs are relative to what you’re pursuing.

Such are the things that form your values wherever you are in life, and based on who is around you, and based on your current ambitions.
No one, however, explains that “beliefs” are not “fixed” then. There is no “right and wrong.” All is subjective.
Check for what works for you.

20. Your aim is to be YOU.

What is life’s meaning?
To be you, all of you, always, whatever that means to you, with everything you do. You’re a producer of your own. You are your masterpiece that is growing.
Growing up is the understanding that the sculpture, the painter, and the portrait are both you. However you wish, paint yourself.

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