The Elon Musk Effect | To become extremely productive.

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What is the Elon Musk Effect? Why do you struggle to be productive?

Without even knowing you can assume that your reaction is a lack of time & energy. You want to create enormous quantities of wealth and pursue your goals regular basis. But no matter how hard you try, it seems like nothing works.

Huh? Right? We think, “If I can finish watching this Netflix show, or feel more inspired, then I’ll be successful.” But you know sooner or later that nothing can change until you take action.

“The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down every day and trying.” Stephen Pressfield

How you feel, I understand. In every aspect of your career, you want to fulfill your potential. But procrastination becomes a habit when you try to sit down and work, and you find yourself back in Square One.

So if you want to be extremely productive, there are some Elon Musk tactics below to help you work more effectively. — of these insights has changed my life for the better, and they will do the same for you, too, I’m sure.

The Elon Musk Effect | To become extremely productive.

Schedule Your Time

If you don’t know how to control your time, you’re going to discover that you have control over it. So, instead of living with a sense of spontaneity every day, scheduling your tasks is a perfect way to ensure that you will finish all your work on time.

I’m a writer. That means that I need to sit down and write each day if I want to get paid. But, of course, still, there are days when “I don’t feel like it.” Because it’s easy to watch Netflix for many hours when I don’t plan my days, rather than trying to write.

But here’s the thing: if you have the motivation to work, I’ve found that having the desire to do everything you need to do is much more comfortable. It is no mystery, after all, that motivation needs a motive, by definition.

I’ll provide you with an example. You certainly won’t have a desire to sleep in if you know that you need to be up before 7 am for a customer call. Or, at the very least, when your alarm clock goes off, you’ll be much more motivated to get out of bed.

Elon Musk plans his day by establishing five minutes of “time blocks.” Do not worry: you don’t have to go to the drastic time management standard. But if you know what you’re supposed to do every hour, the overall efficiency level will increase.

Since I started pre-planning my days, I’ve found that I’m a lot more productive during the day. And it’s far more difficult to find reasons to procrastinate when you can keep yourself responsible for a plan.
So, if you want to get more work done, break down your day into 30 or 60 minutes segments. Although it will only take a few minutes to complete a plan, the impact it will have on your productivity is profound.

Create Ambitious Targets

You will never know what you’re capable of doing if you always stay in your comfort zone. So, you need to broaden the boundaries of what you think is possible if you want to improve your productivity. It was best said by Elon Musk:

“The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.”

Incredible productivity is rare. After all, many people in society spend a lot of time at work and then go to their employer to receive a daily paycheck.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with someone working 9-5, just putting food for their families on the table. I’m getting this. But if you want to do it like Elon Musk and do what most people have never done before, you need to think differently from the mediocre majority.

In other words, in your own life, you need to recognize positive people’s patterns and introduce them. For example:

  • If work normally takes an hour, try to finish it in thirty minutes. Although you will not finish in that period, you will build a work ethic to be as humanly as productive as possible.
  • When you have a clear sales goal, Try to double that. Again, you probably won’t accomplish it. Nevertheless, you’ll easily find ways to accomplish your original target much quicker.
  • Cut their duration in half if you want to make meetings more effective. You’ll be shocked by how much time people spend in meetings when other things should be done.

You’re getting the idea. You’ll become much more productive than ever before when you set ambitious goals in every aspect of your work.

Like you, in my profession, I want to become extremely successful and fulfill my potential. So, when I started to incorporate these Elon Musk methods, my productivity increased exponentially.

You need to note that your productivity level will not go immediately from zero to one hundred. But the influence of compound interest can build an entirely different life over time until you take simple measures to be more productive.

Elon Musk said, “I think it’s possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.” 

Without knowing you, I can tell you that you’re destined to accomplish great things in every aspect of your life.

You can be exceptional. You can do a lot more than you thought. Your work ethic, efficiency, and many other critical aspects of building the future you want can be enhanced massively.

All you need to do is recognize and incorporate the behaviors of individuals you respect in your own life.

And it’s beyond your grasp for everything you’ve ever desired.

It just takes you to be willing to work for it. “That’s The Elon Musk Effect

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