Stop Chasing Success. Seek Significance.

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Success and Significance what should we chase and what should we seek?
The biggest question of the day!

Financial success is a mighty motivator. And it controls many people’s lives that choose the occupations. It determines how they invest time, money, and capital. It affects partnerships, goals, and families. For others, it also is a passion that is all-consuming, leaving broken people and morals in its wake. Sadly, this is not the greatest call we have for our lives. Yes, it disappears quickly as compared to importance.

Consider success limitations:

Success in the economy ebbs and flows. This has been proven in recent years, financial sustainability is still at the hands of a national economy and progressively of a global economy. If the economy is having a fall (as it often does), so net worth does so.
Success comes to a close on the day you die. Until the day you die, you’ll automatically pass your money and property to someone else. And even though you get to choose where they’re going, the fact is that person is still someone else.
Success never suffices. Financial prosperity is never going to fulfill our soul’s innermost desires. It doesn’t matter how much financial gain it brings, it just leaves us wanting more.

On the other hand, compare the advantages of significance:

Significance always lasts. Significance is still going to outlive you. Your value will always be yours, even though you’re no longer there. And none of this will ever drive you further.
Significance carries on. Importance continues to give. When you change another human being’s life positively … and that person changes another’s life … that impacts another’s life … that affects another’s …
Significance pleases our hearts. Although the desire for achievement is never quenched, our deepest heart and soul is fulfilled by significance. It helps us to place our head on our pillow every night sure that we have lived a precious and satisfying day.

Unfortunately, a lot of people spend most of their time seeking financial success. And though some accomplish it better than others, almost all end up leaving it unfulfilled. When they start shifting their life focus to meaning instead of success, they wonder why they were wasting most of their lives chasing something else.

Don’t waste your time on something. Seek significance today.

Here are just a few practical steps to get you started:

Realize life will never last. Everybody knows life is coming to an end – but nobody wants to talk about it. It is a joke. So soon as you begin to think about the end of your life, you start living in the present differently. You ‘re never too young to start considering your legacy. How do you want people to think of you? And what would you really like to achieve before you die? Create a list. Post it somewhere.

Live a life worth copying. Live with dignity, wholeness, and morality. Your private life will look the same as it does publicly. And though nobody is flawless, just begin to aspire for a life of honesty. It will be noticed.

Focus on people. Not dollars. Start changing the focus of your life from your banking account to the people around you. Instead of dreaming about the next get-rich-quick scheme, invest your time in your community concentrating on your child, your neighbor, or the needy ones.

Start with one lone human. Choose someone who needs you today. Start over there. Significance may be as cheap as a cup of coffee, or as easy as a sincere query. If you’re unsure where to get going, then try this, “No, how are you doing?

Realizing significance isn’t based on results. So many people fall into the pit of believing, “I will become important once I make it big.” This is rarely the case. Today choose significance. Now start striving for it. If, in the future, financial success comes your way, then your mind will be in a better position to really use your new success for a broader purpose.

Find a career outside of your work. Our day-work often leads to significance. Even if yours isn’t, by working with a local community find a “career of significance” outside of your work. Most certainly, they urgently need your skills , abilities or knowledge. Pay the bills with your job, but use your “new career” to pay for your soul.

Reduce your expenditure. Learn to survive on less. Living with less frees your life for other people to invest in. And living with reduced expenses enables you not to spend so much time at the office and more resources on other people.

Read biographies of people who have looked for significance rather than success. Learn about Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela, if you want a recent past.  If you prefer older stories, give a shot at Islamic History. They’ll inspire you to make more of yours anyway, their lives.

People seldom look back on their lives and savor their career accomplishments. They then celebrate the effect they have had on other people’s lives. Give yourself a lot to stare back and celebrate.

Avoid seeking success. So the point is clear that what should we choose between success and significance. Begin seeking significance.

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