Steve Jobs “7 Rules of Success”

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Technology, particularly Apple will still be remembered because of Steve Jobs. There can be no denying its effect on our daily lives. I’ve always been a huge fan of Jobs, his ability to make an impression on the digital world, technology.

A famous writer at Entrepreneur writes about Steve Jobs and his 7 Rules of Success.

Rule # 1 – “Always do what you love

Steve Jobs emphasizes Passion a lot, he says, passion is everything. Before I found out what I was really passionate about, I would get a job as a busboy or something.

When you enjoy the job and have a passion for it, you’ll excel.

Rule # 2 – “Put a dent in the universe

Steve Jobs has always focused on creative strength, an eye for the future. He once told an ex-Pepsi founder, John Sculley, “Would you like to spend your life selling sugar water or would you like to change the world? ”.

He was really a great man with great vision.

Rule # 3 – “Connect ideas

Those who have a large view of life see things differently. Steve Jobs took lessons in calligraphy that wasn’t his profession but put the learning to use as he designed the Macintosh and its font.

He also practiced architecture and hospitality and traveled around the world. He bridged ideas from various fields. There are no boundaries and age to learning.

Rule # 4 – “Say No

After returning to Apple in 1997, he took over a company with 350 products, and within a couple of years reduced them to 10. The reason is that he wanted to put each product to an “A” team and make it successful. He’s done it in one theme.

Rule # 5 – “Communicate your idea

You may have the best idea in the world, but if you are unable to convey the message, the idea is good for nothing and will remain just an idea. Communication is the key to success. Learn how to get the message across clearly.

Steve Jobs was the greatest corporate storyteller in the world.

Rule # 6 – “Create a unique experience

Apple stores have something special about them, allowing a strong connection with their customers, resulting in loyalty to the brand. It is very important to be creating a unique experience. Steve Jobs has introduced creativity in the area of customer relations, making it an outstanding experience for Apple customers.

Rule # 7 – “Sell dreams, not products

Simplicity is the key to dream big. Jobs always created customer-friendly products. Just one simple round button at the bottom he invented the iPhone and iPad and the rest became history. Because of this breakthrough, Apple phones and the iPad were soon to grab a wide market share.

Steve Jobs has also stressed the need to keep customers first, the concept should have a selling point, something people dream of and the goods will sell like crazy.

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