Starting a Business That Others Need

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By solving real problems, all businesses thrive, but most people have no idea where to start. How do you choose the products or services that you’re going to turn into your problem-solving business?

I can roughly guarantee this idea: Look at the work you’ve done in the past. Where were the points for the choke? What were the issues that people avoided due to the work you did?

You learned to be good at something, regardless of how you spent the first part of your life and career. It can be anything from gardening to designing fire safety systems in small spaces. All of us have a specialty. It doesn’t mean you have to be the authority of the world on a subject; it just means that you can speak competently about solving problems in that world’s niche.

The purpose of your startup’s marketing efforts will be to identify a sufficient number of people interested in that niche and then interact in ways that are meaningful to them with that group. You don’t want to market to everyone; you want to sell to people who respect the value of your central topic’s expertise.

You have abilities that you probably don’t know or understand. Don’t underestimate yourselves. Examine your abilities and then search for the tiny “long tail” niches to grow your markets. Think regarding these issues:

– In the course of your own life, what issues do you always run into?

– What frustrates your friends and family?

– Where do your passions concentrate?

– What are you more conscious of than other people? In your commercial life? In a private life of yours?

– Do the issues you see fall into niches that have been defined? They’re not supposed to be big; they need to be real.

–  What kind of service will you provide to build new ways of solving real problems?

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