5 Free online courses you can take to make money immediately

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5 Free online courses you can take to make money immediately!

I enjoy bringing new courses and content. I’ve spent more on online courses than I’d like to admit. Some have been useful, and some are absolute garbage.

Often, some free content that is useful and actionable is out there. You can see a return on your investment of time almost immediately. And make some extra money, too.

This year has taught us all to diversify our income and grow it. At the same time, for hundreds of dollars, many are unable to buy courses.

The five courses which I list below are available for free.

They will help you learn useful skills, most importantly. To start growing your salary, skills are what you need. Adding a new skill to your utility belt will open you up automatically to earn more cash.
Are you willing to learn, to earn?

5 Free online courses you can take to make money immediately

1. Wp Beginners YouTube WordPress Course

Wp Beginners came up with everything I know about WordPress. They show you how to design a website using WordPress from scratch in simple steps. It covers everything from an existing domain, hosting, and WordPress. Then, using a plugin called Elementor, you practice page design. The video has racked up millions of views, and each year, Moore creates updated content.

How can you start making money immediately:

It’s time to turn your talent into dollars after you have developed your first site. Set your price, then start sending social media messages, Facebook groups, and email offers for a small fee to create a website for someone.
You can also build an account and offer your services on Fiverr. For freelancers, some individuals go to Fiverr just to set up the platform and install plugins. You can use the designs to improve your reputation once you get your first client, which can land you more customers. Designers of WordPress can earn a full-time salary easily. On sites like We Work Remotely, remote full-time workers are also in high demand.

2. Hubspot Academy’s Content Marketing Course

Everybody speaks about Content Marketing, but what is it exactly? Hubspot has you covered. Join and sign up for Hubspot Academy’s content marketing certification.
The course lasting more than 5 hours includes the whole journey of content marketing. You learn about content marketing , content management and the use of various content forms to generate leads and sales.
You must take the test to credential yourself at the end of the course.

How can you start making money immediately:

You may start providing self-employed services on sites such as UpWork, Freelancer, or Fiverr to create content with a deep understanding of content marketing. You may concentrate on one aspect of content marketing, such as content promotion or preparation and management of the whole process if you like.
Take a part-time position in your own company, product, or service as a Remote Content Manager or increase your lead.
Or if you want to be meta by using content marketing to make money on platforms like Medium, please write down what you have learned about content marketing while researching content marketing.

3. Sell Used Items On eBay and Amazon

Matt Bernstein will explore how to set up your eBay and Amazon accounts in this 30-minute course. He also breaks down the platform to sell some of the stuff around the house that gathers dust. It is not the wrong way to spend 30 minutes if you do not have the platforms’ experience and want to start.

How can you start making money immediately:

Selling stuff, you’re not using is buying something, and selling it for profit the best way to make money right away. eBay and Amazon are some of the best sites to start with (with special mention to the Facebook Marketplace). You can now part with everything in your home and get some real money to support yourself. Or you could go for some finds to flip in a local garage sale. Don’t be shocked if you hook and begin to seek scale-up ways.

4. Facebook Advertising Basics

There are hundreds of advertisement courses for Facebook around. Many of these courses cost 100 dollars. While these creators could have discovered the best way to maximize ads that work for them, it makes sense to go straight up to the source, especially if they give free data.

Facebook is incentivized to teach you all they know about running ads, so you can, well, run ads.
The Facebook For Business Page addresses designing advertisements, editing ads, targeting the right audience, and optimizing the promotions for full impact.

How can you start making money immediately:

Using your product, consulting, coaching, or service to test the course contents as you go along. The 9-minute video from App Sumo will help you develop your next idea if you don’t have a product or service.
From there, test the product with your newfound understanding of Facebook advertising. You get useful information about the cost of attracting a customer once you get your first transaction and the measures you can take to increase the value.

Would you make money anyway? There are thousands of companies who want to try advertising on Facebook but are not sure how. For a small monthly fee/commission, offer to run advertising. Your talents will develop into being a media buyer or an agency for Facebook advertising.

5. Teachable Course Bundle

Kagan’s team, speaking of App Sumo, has a suite of paid applications at fantastic discounts. However, the marketplace also has some free courses, ebooks, games, and other content.

To provide their entire course package for free, Teachable was able to connect with App Sump. The $2500 course includes material on webinars, sales funnels, and designing your design. Powerhouse instructors such as Pat Flynn, Digital Marketer, and Danielle Leslie are there. Ultimately, in designing, launching, and promoting your next path, you will have a good base.

How can you start making money immediately:

Although this article is about free courses, you would like to give the world the steps to start your own paid online course, if you have some reliable information. You can host the content using Teachable.

To set up courses, build course material, or manage webinars, you can also post services online. New items are introduced every month by thousands of hungry course designers. It’s not about digging for gold sometimes but selling shovels to the people who do.


A perfect way to diversify your income and begin paying some bills is to learn a new talent. You don’t restrict yourself to one way of thinking or one skill. Adding more to your arsenal means that, as things get tough, you can pivot. And you can dominate if you can blend one of these abilities with the stuff you already know. Courses worth thousands are available that teach the same material found here. What you need is a determination to see it through and practically apply those teachings.

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