5 best part-time jobs from home in Covid-19

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Working from home a year ago was mostly viewed as low-paid work. That is because individuals who change it according to their views do it. But you don’t have to always pay less for these jobs from home.

Ever since this pandemic has hit the world badly and people have lost their jobs, small businesses have shut down, people who want to work from home and earn a high salary have many entry-level jobs open.

Not only are such jobs highly paid, but they also enable professionals to continue their careers and gain further skills and experience along the way.

The list of 5 best part-time jobs from home in covid-19 that pay extraordinarily well is below.

Software developer:

There is no question that, whether you work in an office or work from home, few tech jobs pay very well. One such activity with a median hourly rate of $58.85 is to become a software engineer or a developer.

Data scientist:

It takes ten to fifteen years of experience to become a certified data scientist. Yet telecommuting is the type of field that often enables beginners to find roles for them. There are several websites for jobs that allow individuals to work as data scientists from home. $37.05 is the median hourly rate for a data scientist.

Telemedicine Physician:

In reality, this job from home as a telemedicine doctor may pay more than the median hourly rate. For a doctor and a nurse student, the median hourly rate is $81.63.

Project Manager:

For a project manager, the median hourly wage is $45.95, and this is the work that keeps all tasks on track. It requires handling deadlines and placing all donations from customers in one location. With technical advances, this is also the kind of job that can be done remotely.

Tax Advisor:

This is the kind of job over a specific part of a year that allows a worker to work. For a CPA or an enrolled agent, this is the best work. It has become possible to do this job even from far-flung areas with video calling technology development. For a tax accountant, the median hourly rate is $22,08.

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