4 Reasons why you didn’t start your side hustle

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You want additional income. You like the concept of something interesting, enjoyable, or new to work. And you want more flexibility in terms of time than you had in the past. A side hustle is ideal. Now could be just the right time to get started for you.

Wait, however! If your sense of fulfillment and your pocketbook is too fantastic for a side hustle, why have you not already begun one (or scaled the one you already started)?

I’ve learned many reasons why people don’t chase their side hustle, or their dreams are not all-in to hit the next stage of their lives.

Here are 4 Reasons why you didn’t start your side hustle:

1. You are scared.

Two primary fears are typically the fear of beginning something: What happens if you fail? When you excel and can’t manage it, what happens? I find that playing them out to the end is the best way to step past these fears.

Currently, what will happen if you fail? You’re going to lose the hours you invested, the $50 you spent, and you’re going to lose the illusion that this thing will make more money for you.

Is that enough to deter you from trying? And if you are right and you find yourself exhausted, ask for assistance.

You might be the one who one day gives someone else a side hustle.

2. You don’t know anything about technology/marketing.

They’re all learning. I potentially qualify as the author of this column as one of the country’s preeminent solopreneurial experts. I’m the expert here. But what, you know? I still regularly take online continuing education classes.

The world is continually evolving, and so are the abilities that you need. Don’t assume that as an indictment of your expertise. Please take it as a challenge as well.

Choose one place that you want to learn more and find a mentor, maybe a neighbor, an online tutor, or even a teenager. As you go, read. Yeah, but go!

3. People will see you do stuff.

It isn’t easy to put ourselves out there and show the world, or at least the individuals in our immediate sphere of influence, what we think, feel, and hope.

The idea that others may criticize us, laugh at us, or even reject us is a real stumbling block in the direction of a side hustle following our hearts.

But think about it like this: If you’re being judged when you try something different, what do they say about you when you’re stuck? No matter what you do, people are going to chat and have opinions. Why not do what makes you most happy?

4. You’re already doing so much.

You probably still feel like your time is limited, whether you’re a single parent, a full-time employee, or someone juggling several part-time jobs.

The concept behind most side hustles is independence, earning a little bit extra so that you can take time off and enjoy it with family or eventually be in control of your schedule so that you can assist with the science project of your child.

Be realistic about the time you have, but if you go for it, also remember what time you can get back.

Note that while some challenges are authentic, others are just in our minds, if you’re thinking of starting a side hustle. Take the time to figure out what really holds you back and then drive with clarity ahead.

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